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Instagram VS. Reality

DSC_5492 Instagram is addicting. Maybe it’s because I love fashion,  food styling, coffee, and work out tutorials: all the essential Instagram ingredients. Or because I’m a bit Instagram obsessed. Who knows? Instagram, and all social medias, are all the best parts of you displayed to the world and ignoring all the worst parts. It’s not that what you post isn’t true, its just not all of the truth. Anyways, here’s my Instagram Behind The Scenes. Not always as glamorous as it seems.

1. The I’m “Studying” Shot. IMG_6759   What it looks like I’m doing… What? You don’t journal every morningl?  I start my day with chia tea latte and journaling, at the crack of dawn. I like to network and plan my meals for the week as the sunrises.

What I’m actually doing… Sitting on the floor at 2am typing a last minute paper for finals week. Meanwhile, that starbucks cup was empty from earlier that day and I don’t actually use that notebook. Oops.

2. The Lazy Saturday Shot. IMG_6335What it looks like I’m doing… Slept in this Saturday till 8:30am. I am a health fien. I stopped eating carbs because Kim Kardashian stopped eating carbs. I’ll wash it down with my black coffee while I watch the weather channel.

What I’m actually doing… Woke up at a staggering 11am, made my coffee with cream and sugar, then proceeded to eat the whole bagel while I waste away watching an ungodly amout of New Girl on Netflix. Not to mention the awkward arm over the head I had to do to take this picture, while also trying to look like I wasn’t trying too hard. Thank goodness, no one was there to witness this being taken.

3. The Arial Food Shot. IMG_3058What it looks like I’m doing… Sipping on some soup at a trendy cafe in Thailand after a long day of shopping and site seeing.

What I’m actually doing… Eating hot soup on the side of the road on a scorching 90 degree day in Thailand. Why they eat hot soup on a relentlessly hot day I will never understand.

4. The Summer Park Day Shot. photo 2What it looks like I’m doing… Enjoying an organic popcicle in the park on this beautiful summer day with my converse and high waisted lace/demin shorts while secrectly judging people that walk by for not buying local and using artificle sweeteners.

What I’m actually doing… I walked 10 minutes to find popsicles to buy, sweating my butt off, and got laughed at by my friends when they caught me taking this picture.

5. The Organic Shot. carrotWhat it looks like I’m doing… OH, Veggies! So beautiful! Maybe I will throw some carrots and spinach in my juicer and make some juice to take on the go today. Cause I only buy local, remember?

What I’m actually doing… I do actually love a good farmers market, but these carrotts were NASTY! Oh my gosh, they tasted like licorice! LICORICE! I knew I never should have trusted a purple carrott! Gosh darn.

6. The Stiletto Shot. photo-5What it looks like I’m doing… Just throwing on my Steve Maddens before a party this weekend. I wanted to go for sassy, but still classy. I’ll bring my boyfreind, who wears wing tipped shoes and talks about hand crafted beers.

What I’m actually doing… I tried at least 25 times to take a picture of me wearing the heels, but every time resulted in a blury, off centered, sideways, crooked picture. So I had to get my 13 year old brother to take a picture of them… #shame

7. The “Candid” Shot. SunBeamWhat it looks like I’m doing… Just strolling about downtown, waiting to cross the street, soaking up the sun, as I gallery hop with friends! Wearing 5 inch heels on cobble stone, because my feet are impervious to blisters.

What I’m actually doing… Drug my friend out of the office to take a picture of me cause I liked my outfit that day and I wanted to look like a fashion blogger. So she told me to strike a pose and look off camera. BOOM. Instant Fashion Blogger.

8. The Obviously Staged Photo. photo-6What it looks like I’m doing… How delightful? A morning on the porch with my coffee and organic blueberries, and my trusty succulent plant that I bought at Whole Foods. Breakfast at sunrise really helps me clear my head for the day’s to do this: Take 6am spin class, get nails done, pet puppies, start juice cleanse, end world hunger.

What I’m actually doing… Pretty thing. All togther. Who wouldn’t like this? Is this clearly staged? Maybe…But it’s so pretty. It all goes together. So I have to post it! Oh great… Sunglasses or nah? Does it throw off the the circle thing? Forget it, I’m posting it.


Inspired by Olivia Muetner’s Bustle.com post titled What I Instagramed VS. What actually happened.

I challenge you to create you’re own as well!



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