8 Apr

As you may know, I have not updated my blog in WAY too long even though I promised I would make/post something ever day. So I tried to make up for it with 25+ posts in one night and with perhaps my new most favorite sketches to date. ENJOY.


7 Apr

If you’re up to date with “Rage Comics” you will know this face in a heartbeat! I made this cake for my boyfriend Nick for his birthday, because he is THE biggest “troll” ever! And the rainbow inside was just the icing on the cake! (pun intended)

Street Art (Dandelion.)

6 Apr

This was a fun one to make! Me and my brother did this with lots of chalk in an abandon parking lot on THE hottest day.

Watch Out.

30 Mar

You be thinking or start to think as you scroll down that I have an obsession with Gummy Bears. This is actually not true! When you have to create 365 things, you begin to get desperate and besides gummy bears are just fun!

The Effects of Tanning.

28 Mar

Tanning can be a harmful thing. Gummy bears would know.


13 Mar

If you watch The Walking Dead, you may notice that the hand was inspired by Merle’s hand that was cut off in the show! Well actually the whole cake was inspired by the Walking Dead. This was so fun to make!


6 Mar

Gazing into the mysterious abyss.


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